Optimum Treasury

Virtual land sale auctions

For access to the fractional land sale auctions, users will need to stake OPT tokens. You will be able to earn this token initially by staking your NFT's. Alternatively after the OPT token launch you can purchase OPT tokens on QuickSwap via the polygon matic blockchain.
There are 4 tiers of entry for the fractional auction sales: 🥉Bronze 25,000 OPT tokens, 🥈Silver 50,000 OPT tokens, 🥇Gold 100,000 OPT tokens, 🌐Platimum 150,000 OPT tokens
Each tier carries a different allocation weight, with platinum being the biggest alloction level and bronze being a lottery entry level
Auctions will last unitl all pools are sold out. You will need to check the auction page on the website for details of current or upcoming sales.
For anyone trying to access the token sale outside the 4 tier criteria a lottery ticket system will be used along side low tier participants eg: 🥉Bronze tier. All NFT holders will be automatically placed in the lottery for a chance to win extra allocations
There will be a minimum 90 day stake laydown period, with a 1 week unstake order process. Users can unstake anytime with a 25% fee, 15% of this will go back to the stakers and 10% will be burned. This method is in place and used to help tackle token volatility