Optimum Treasury

NFT Collection Sale

Optimum Treasury NFT cards: 5000
NFT Minting Price: 90 Matic
Blockchain Launch: Polygon Matic
Treasury backed with: USDC, ETH, MATIC, Virtual assets
NFT Rewards: Free airdrop, Staking, land giveaways, more voting power,
NFT Mint Contract Address: 0x7fe038fb65261c430fe0091c5dcb2c8981b2b45a
You will need to download a metamask wallet to participate in this sale
You will also need to configure your wallet to the polygon Matic main-net
Not sure how to onboard your funds to metamask? Check our short guide here
Optimum Treasury's initial NFT launch will give users the ability to grow wealth with us. As this is our first NFT launch, all holders will benefit by earning passive income in multiple forms.
Staking your NFT's can earn rewards in the form of OPT tokens. OPT tokens are used for giving users access to the virtual land sales. Any NFT collection we launch after this will NOT have these extra features.
NFT holders will be eligible for our land sale giveaways and reserved lottery spaces in the fractional land sale auctions.
NFT holders will have the opportunity to earn extra virtual auction allocations during sale periods.
There will be a OTM token Airdrop for holders sometime after the NFT collection launch. This token will be the native token for Optimum Treasury DAO where we will be giving away upto 90,000% apy.
QUESTION: When are the NFT's dropping? ANSWER: check our website optimum.cash or join our discord for the information on the date of the NFT collection drop.
QUESTION: How do i mint a NFT? ANSWER: On our website you will need to connect your metamask wallet on minting day in order to make the transaction to get the NFT's. Make sure your metamask wallet is conected to the polygon matic blockchain. For instructions on how to connect to polygon matic blockchain take a look here.
QUESTION: When can i start earning passive income with my NFT's? ANSWER: After the NFT collection pre-sale is complete we will open up NFT staking for earning rewards in OPT tokens.
QUESTION: How do i qualify to get the airdrop? ANSWER: By minting an NFT you automatically qualify to get the optimum Treasury DAO token airdrop.
QUESTION: When will the first land auction sale be? ANSWER: We aim to have our first land sales sometime in the 2nd quarter 2022
QUESTION: How do i get in contact with admin service? ANSWER: Go into our discord server to leave a message in the chat or write a ticket.
QUESTION: When can i Stake my DAO tokens from the airdrop? ANSWER: After NFT Staking is live we will proceed with the launch of Optimum Treasury DAO, here you will be able to Stake the airdropped token and earn upto 90,000 apy.
Join our discord server here.