Optimum Treasury


QUESTION: When are the NFT's dropping? ANSWER: check our website optimum.cash or join our discord for the information on the date of the NFT collection drop.
QUESTION: How do i mint a NFT? ANSWER: On our website you will need to connect your metamask wallet on minting day in order to make the transaction to get the NFT's. Make sure your metamask wallet is conected to the polygon matic blockchain. For instructions on how to connect to polygon matic blockchain take a look here.
QUESTION: When can i start earning passive income with my NFT's? ANSWER: After the NFT collection pre-sale is complete we will open up NFT staking for earning rewards in OPT tokens.
QUESTION: How do i qualify to get the airdrop? ANSWER: By minting an NFT you automatically qualify to get the optimum Treasury DAO token airdrop.
QUESTION: When will the first land auction sale be? ANSWER: We aim to have our first land sales sometime in the 2nd quarter 2022
QUESTION: How do i get in contact with admin service? ANSWER: Go into our discord server to leave a message in the chat or write a ticket.
QUESTION: When can i Stake my DAO tokens from the airdrop? ANSWER: After NFT Staking is live we will proceed with the launch of Optimum Treasury DAO, here you will be able to Stake the airdropped token and earn upto 90,000 apy.
Join our discord server here.

Why do we need Optimum Treasury?

Optimum Treasury is making it possible for all types of people own the best virtual assets on the market. Prices of prime metaverse land in the NFT space has had a significant increase pricing many people out. Our mission is to acquire the best virtual real estate assets for our treasury and aid our members in being fractional owners of popular metaverse assets

How does it work?

Users will have to stake OPT tokens in order to participate in the virtual asset auctions. To acquire auction allocations there will be a 4 tier entry levels system. This ensures assets are distributed evenly. There will be a minimum 90 day stake laydown period, with a 1 week unstake order process. Users can unstake anytime with a 25% fee, 15% of this will go back to the stakers and 10% will be burned. This method is in place and used to help tackle token volatility What is the deal with (🚀, 🚀) and (👨‍🚀, 👨‍🚀)?

What is reward yield?

Reward yield is the percentage by which your staked OPT balance increases on the next epoch. You can find this number on the Optimum staking page.

What is APY?

APY stands for annual percentage yield. It measures the real rate of return on your principal by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of Optimum, your staked OTM represents your principal, and the compound interest is added periodically on every epoch (8 hours) thanks to the rebase mechanism.One interesting fact about APY is that your balance will grow not linearly but exponentially over time! Assuming a daily compound interest of 2%, if you start with a balance of 1 OTM on day 1, after a year, your balance will grow to about 1377.

How is the APY calculated?

The APY is calculated from the reward yield (a.k.a rebase rate) using the following equation:APY = ( 1 + rewardYield )^{1095}APY=(1+rewardYield)1095It raises to the power of 1095 because a rebase happens 3 times daily. Consider there are 365 days in a year, this would give a rebase frequency of 365 * 3 = 1095.Reward yield is determined by the following equation:rewardYield = OTM_{distributed} / OTM _{totalStaked}rewardYield=OTMdistributed​/OTMtotalStaked​The number of OTMdistributed to the staking contract is calculated from OTM total supply using the following equation: OTM_{distributed} = OTM_ {totalSupply} \times rewardRateOTMdistributed​=OTMtotalSupply​×rewardRateNote that the reward rate is subject to change by the protocol.

What will be OPT intrinsic value in the future?

There is no clear answer for this, but the intrinsic value can be determined by the treasury performance. For example, if the treasury could guarantee to grow value through digital assets the intrinsic value of the treasury. It can also be decided by the future DAO. For example, if the DAO decides to raise the price floor of OPT, its intrinsic value will rise accordingly.

How does the protocol manage to maintain the high staking APY?

Let’s say the protocol targets an APY of 100,000%. This would translate to a rebase rate of about 0.6328%, or a daily growth of about 2%. Please refer to the equation above to learn how APY is calculated from the rebase rate.If there are 100,000 OTM tokens staked right now, the protocol would need to mint an additional 2000 OTM to achieve this daily growth.
Optimum is currently unaudited! It is a beta project on Polygon Network, audits will occur at a later stage. Stay cautious!